Cursed Lands Session 0

September 9, 2018

We are playing Torchbearer a fantasy dungeon crawl roleplaying game by Thor Olavsrud & Luke Crane.

Rasotto the Dwarf Adventurer (he/him), specialty survivalist; played by Tyler (he/him)
Billy the Halfling Burglar (he/him), specialty cartographer, played by Arnab (he/him)
“Mad” Jack the Human Warrior (he/him), specialty scavenger; played by Chris (he/him)
Samson the Human Disciple (he/him), specialty manipulator; played by Steed (he/him)
Tiberius Drakkenhoff the Human Apprentice (he/him), specialty persuader; played by Andrew (he/him)

I realized that in all of my time playing RPGs I have never had a campaign centered on a forest, so that is what I decided on to kick off this campaign. To build the world I followed the book’s suggestions modified with how I want this adventure to go. Focusing on ease of prep, I prepped several possible set-piece locations in a flow chart. Placing key locations and player’s hometowns in a flowchart-map. There notable locations are: Glimmerdome, a wizard keep and home of Tiberius; Sohold a rural town and home of “Mad” Jack and Rasotto, the town is under the dual rulership of the exiled dwarfs of Darkholme and the rulership of Lord Meleck, sworn enemy of “Mad” Jack; Adderport, metropolis and Trade City on the Eastern Coast of Endless Sea, home of Samson former Little of the Nightsingers, thieves guild, but ran away because a Bigun (runners and fences to the urchins) killed his best friend, and he was later raised in the orphanage run by the Lords of Honor. Smalton is the halfling farm village where Billy, the Halfling hails from.


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