Humble Beginnings

Cursed Lands Session 1

September 16, 2018

The intrepid adventurers met at the Tavern in Crossroads Keep, a major overland crossroads connecting the western borderlands to the central and eastern heartlands.  They quickly set off to Crowthorne in the Southern Wilds to seek the hidden treasure of The Old Wood.

Crowthorne hasn’t been heard from in recent times. This generation was nearish to 30 years. Tiberius Drakkenhoff obsessed with the idea that the extremely isolated town held real ghosts, peered into the world using Wizard’s Sight and lead the group down the trail when it waned. They approached a small pass with a few trees when out from the underbrush sprung three bandits.  During the ensuing fight, “Mad” Jack struck a mighty blow and fell two bandits with a fury of swings and Samson hucked his backpack at the bandits as a distraction. Unfortunately “Mad” Jack sustained injuries and was incapacitated from battle. The last remaining bandit was disarmed and quickly dispatched. Samson’s bag sustained a rip, and until he fixes the problem, his backpack will periodically drop the bottom-most item. The bodies where looted and a quiver, a sack of silver and a small vial were discovered.

The plucky halfling Billy took the lead and looked for a suitable location to rest and mend. The disciple Samson used his training in first aid to see to Jack’s hip. The wound would close, but Samson was unable to repair some damage and Jack would forever be able to not ride a horse as well as he was once able to. During this time Billy started a map and mapped three locations: The Old Road, The Ambush Point and the Campsite near the Ambush Point. When Samson recovering from his wounds, the party looked to him to mend Samson’s bag, since he had the know-how to accomplish such a feat. Tiberius spent his time tasting and inspecting the vial and guessed its contents to be a Potion of Friendship. If drunk empowered the user to use hypnotic suggestion to befriend the target of the drinkers gaze. With the light of dawn approached the party broke camp and decided to continue on.


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