My Son

Cursed Lands Session 2

September 23, 2018

The group awoke to find Tiberius Drakkenhoff gone. With the assumption that he went off to get to Crowthorne, the party set off after him. Billy searched high and low and managed to find a trail whose destination was only guessed at. They assumed that it would lead to Crowthorne. Blazing this trail anew the party made it to Crowthorne after walking all day and were exhausted when they reached its gates.

Samson ate all fresh rations lest they go to waste and were thrown out to the dogs.

The party realizing they had barely enough to bribe a local about the whereabouts of the treasure of The Old Wood, proceeded to do just that and left in a hurry. They didn’t want to find themselves sleeping in the filth infested streets. Exhausted, near dusk, they entered The Old Wood and found themselves in utter darkness. An old man they bribed had given them directions that few had ever heard rumours but as the legend goes, to seek the treasure first you must find the grove to the south and turn west and travel for a day, then the tallest tree in the forest houses that what you seek.

After getting lost in the woods, they found themselves at a boulder in the woods with a flat top. Hearing laughter all around them like whispers blowing through the trees. Looking about they then saw their torchlight glinting off a half dozen sets of eyes all around. Seeking to trick them, Billy said of that he was a child. And Samson added to the lie that he was, in fact, his son. Not understanding them, the creatures argued about the forest and their origin. How can he be a child if he doesn’t have green hair? During this talk, they hinted that if they took axe and flame to their forest, they would hunt them down and kill them. They decided that they would watch the heroes and alluded to not killing them themselves for “She will catch them! She catches all who seek the treasure.”  This made Billy, Samson, and Rasotto quite scared. Mad Jack wasn’t paying attention and stood to watch. After they talked, the lights went out!


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