Dark Forest Blues

Cursed Lands Session 3

October 14, 2018

Their source of light went out and plunged them into darkness. In a panic, Rasotto rummaged through his pack and pulled out his tinderbox and torches. Attempting to spark a light anew enraged the spirits of the forest as they gave warning to not light any more fires. They threw rocks, stones, sticks, and acorns. This made lighting the torch with flint and steel impossible.

In utter darkness, the party was accosted. The voices rushed out from the forest forward to capture the party. The party had no choice but to flee further into the woods. Rushing, dodging trap and trick they managed to outpace the forest dwellers. With no real light and having rushed headlong into an unknown direction.

When the torch was light, the party knew then that the halfling disappeared. After consulting their needs and desires, the need to rest outweighed the desire to find treasure. At camp Rasotto went off alone to relax and calm his nerves with rock collecting, unable to steady his fear he returned without a rock. While Samson attempted to start a new map starting from here, as they knew not when or if Billy would be found. He fumbled with the ink and spilled in over his bag and cursed out loud. That is when they heard noises of men walking nearby.

Dousing the campfire they sat and listened. “Mad” Jack as mad as a bulldog rushed off when he recognized the sound of Kevin Law, Lord Melleck’s Justicar. He followed them along ahead just in the torchlight of the torch Samson’s hand. The justicar went back to his campsite, and so “Mad” Jack alone and vengeful waited to ambush the camp at the opportune time. Being hasty and not heading the watchful eyes of Rasotto, Jack went to sneak into the Lord Melleck’s tent. What Jack thought was a dosing archer was actually just slumping over because he was trying to tie his belt tighter. And so Jack was spotted and halted by the bowman. Lord Melleck threw aside his tent flap slow, clapping the bowman’s luck and prepared to capture the seething angry “Mad” Jack.


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