Burning Down the Tent

Cursed Lands Session 4

October 21, 2018

“Mad” Jack was incapacitated at the same instant when Billy the Halfling stumbled upon the Lord Melleck campsite. He proceeded to convince Lord Melleck that him and his companions – lying about not knowing “Mad” Jack – were vital to escape the Forest alive and that they should search for Billy’s friends and use the map to escape the forest. While Rasotto scavenged a purple tree fruit, Samson overheard this the discourse and came out to greet Billy and his newfound friends.

Samson devised a play and relaid it to Rasotto hiding in a tree and then back to Billy, using the excuse that he needs to hunt for food to leave to talk to Rasotto, bringing the tree fruit back as proof that he was hungry.  Rasotto snuck behind the tents and lit Lord Melleck’s aflame after the camp settled. In the intervening chaos, the party fled with the captured prisoner, “Mad” Jack.

Lord Melleck’s goon’s tried to pursue the party, but the party escaped and were lost again, while Lord Melleck’s crew were separated and afraid, not all of them, however. The Party decided to get back on Map and Billy blazed the trail back to the campsite North of Crowthorne out of the forest and into the hill lands where the party was ambushed by the Thugs. Once again camping near now skeletonized remains of the three Thugs. During Camp Billy mapped the path from Crowthorne to “My Son” Rock and Rasotto tired to recovery from his exhaustion using his cloak as a pillow but his battered muscles were too strained for having to carry both his small sacks in his hand last session. Breaking camp on a new day the party has few foods but are hopefully optimistic that they won’t die, next time on Torchbearer.


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