The Telltale Hambone

Cursed Lands Session 5

November 4, 2018

The adventurers awoke from camp and while Rasotto and Samson pack, Billy decided to go and survey his map. A short while later “Mad” Jack stumbled into the campsite, annoyed that Lord Melleck escaped his clutches, but otherwise was in good health.

They called out to Billy, but he was nowhere to be found. They thought maybe he went on the Crowthorne or to the forest.

Still desperate for cash the group decided to press on into The Old Wood again. Samson led the group by quickly stopped because of distant drumming. He then decided to scout ahead. While the group caught up, a voice from beside them warned them from going into Ol’Town for goblin and worse reside there. “Mad” Jack familiar with madness quickly determined that this fellow was indeed insane.

This man who claimed that he wasn’t anyone later recalled that his name was Korben.

After running away and being caught by Samson, Korben was convinced to at least act as a guide to the buildings of Ol’Town, the matter settled by hambone.

He was too scared that the Drum would get them and Rasotto said he shouldn’t be scared when… *busted out into a hambone*. Korben started to believe that they could protect him if something happened.

He pointed out the buildings including where the goblins have trapped two buildings, where Drum lives, The Goblin Hall, and the Desecrated Church. Korben then climbed a tree and pretended to be a bird, hiding only his face.

The group decided to carefully inspect Drum’s house through a window and saw a figure between 7 or 10 feet tall thing sitting and beating a drum. The party then searched a nearby shack, that Korben specifically didn’t mention. Korben burst in, grabbing the hems of their clothes, begging them to leave his house. They pressed on and found a pile of notes.

Eventually, they left but not before convincing Korben to come along and help them get into the castle, which the party named Lair’s castle. Korben was instructed to take a bunch of sticks and toss them into the moat. He did that, and then the party swam the moat and navigated the hedge maze. There they stand and at the open gates of Lair’s Castle. Figures in shadow and in torch patrol atop the ruined walls.


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