Rebel Yell! Aahhhh!

Cursed Lands Session 6

November 11, 2018

Tiberius, having been lost and alone joined the group. He has spent much time exploring the labyrinth having been lost in it previously. He and the group decided to check out the outside of the castle walls.

The castle was a square castle with each wall facing a minor cardinal direction; SW, NW, NE, and SE. Upon inspection, each wall had its own problem. There was a ruined section of the wall that held loose rocks and was the most open and likely guarded, the main southern gates are rusted and have fallen in, the northwest wall was scalable, but a challenging climb and the northeastern wall was home to a collapsed tower.

The party climbed at the tower since the rubble provided a boost, so it was only half the distance. When they got to the top, they were immediately spotted by guards. A foot race back into the hedge maze began. The dwarf was tackled almost right away. The beast-men caught the party after a lengthy foot chase, with Tiberius stowing his stuff somewhere in the maze.

The beast-men inducted them into slavery. Rasotto was forced to work to attempt to bust into a vault, beneath the castle, in the crypts with a pickaxe but the work was slow. While Samson and Tiberius were sent to the wheel of pain. Later during slave break a. k. a. the sleep cycle, Tiberius and Rassotto sparked a confrontation between the beast-men and the human mercenaries and cult members.  In confusion, the party made their escape, found the supplies and made off to the camp in the woods. Tiberius made an enemy for rather than call for the slave uprising he argued against the slave rebellion leader and that a skirmish between the beastmen and the mercenaries was the best course of action, causing him to lose his mind and don the moniker, Chain-Guy: hero of the slaves.


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