Gold Sloggers

Cursed Lands Session 8

November 25, 2018

After the party made its way from the Marigold, the Old Witch of the woods. Tiberius set off to find his way to the Pool of Sorrows. Tiberius was skeptical that it would be any challenge to find after consulting the tapestry in Merigold’s Hut; he set off in the most direct course he could.

After a time Rasotto spotted lights bobbing in the dense forest mist. After watching them for a while, he was magically compelled to follow them, and as the party realized what was happening and chasing after their companion, they too fell in thrall to the lights. All except “Mad” Jack.

The group found themselves walking forwards through the forest and kneeling not of their own volition.  They began to put their faces into the water and start breathing in deep. Inhaling water. The dwarf Rasotto managed to cough up the water quickly. Billy, who was off lost, found the group but was so too enthralled. Breathing in the water left those who couldn’t cough it up sick.

Samson managed to make poultices to treat exhaustion since the first step of treating sickness is making, those who have trouble sleeping, a sleep remedy. Billy updated the map to include the Witches Hut. The party after resting as best they can make their way West to the cursed First Tree. In the middle of a dark groove, with a ring of grisly trophies, the First Tree stood a mighty 500 ft high with a base thicker than a large house. Amid blacked earth. The dead tree had no leaves. The party searched the bottom of the tree and after extracting Tiberius from a thick web that he a falling into found a hollow in the tree. This hollow was big enough to climb into.

They also spotted, in the lowest bough 40 ft up, a cart swinging in thick webs. Rasotto volunteered to scout out the crack in the tree and upon entering struck a torch and realized space made up most of the interior of the tree. It was as if it was hollowed out. He accidentally stepped on the hole covered in the web, and the weight of him and the branches that were covering it caused it to collapse.

“Mad” Jack climbed into the crack and made his way to the edge of the pit. When Rasotto came to, he looked about and saw a deep black pool of water and a small cave chute whose entrance was only a few feet wide and maybe a foot tall. Deciding to check out a nearby low cave, and to do a bit of spelunking in this extremely tight passage, Rasotto pushed his way through and found an area that contained bone, rags, and other odds and ends. He went through the pile and found a bow, a grappling hook, coins, gems, and some torches.

After trying to extract himself, he managed to get himself stuck. “Mad” Jack and Billy went down to save him while Samson stayed at the top of the pit, and Tiberius watched the stuff outside. This was when Samson heard the distinct chittering, tapping on wood, of a creature approaching him.


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