Big Tree Getaway

Cursed Lands Session 9

December 2, 2018

Rasotto, Mad Jack and Billy were down in the hole when they heard Samson exclaim “spiders,” and heard him run off! It was not spiders but some giant rats. Samson went outside to get Tiberius. He agreed he will help out by continuing doing precisely what he was doing. Watching the exit.

So Samson went in alone and told them that it was just rats. And was promptly chased out of the First Tree by them. The remaining party was led out of the pit by the dwarf, Rasotto after being pulled free by “Mad” Jack. They had gotten Billy to squeeze through the gap and collect the grappling hook first. Now there was just copper coins and a single unspent torch in stalactite room.

Once outside, they decided to make their way to Crowthorne, and so set out in search of it. Billy, the Halfing, took the lead and led the group to a strange tree structure in the woods. Here they made a pact to exact revenge on the beastmen and bring the children their heads so that they may bathe in the blood of their enemies, in return they were allowed to camp by the structure.


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