Cursed Lands Session 11

January 6, 2019

After getting their barrings, Samson led the party through the forest. Samson asked for Billy’s help, but he was unable to help due to stinking fear making him scared. He leads them to a fork in the road, and though not lost, they had some thinking to do to set out on the trail successfully. Those able to helped determine which way to go and they soon found themselves in front of the boulder that they had dubbed My Son Rock. Here both Samson and Billy threw up their sickness, sweating out the fever of pneumonia that set it.

Now back on the map, they travelled to Crowthorne. They made it to the gates and rested before entering. Samson made a poultice, and Billy added the trek from town to the old woman’s hut to the map. The Blacksmith’s Guild was on duty. This was a peaceful town, and Rasotto managed to find a lucky penny.

Rasotto ever the shrewd merchant managed to get a deal and the bow as it was considered a unique item, it was an elvish bow of legend. “Mad” Jack went and played Wizard’s Dice using the Bow as an Ante and won. The moment he bet everything, their most valuable piece of treasure was intense. The party watched on as he rolled his Wizard’s Dice. The dice failed to come up traitors and caused a reroll with victory; there was an audible cheer from everyone at the table. He secured two additional bags of silver coins. Samson bought a few bundles of torches and asked around and hired Bruick The Forester as his guide and Rasotto hired Tom and Dil, a couple of labourers.


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