Country Road

Torchbearer – Cursed Lands
Episode 23

May 12, 2019

Aldormo was walking through the woods and spies Jack and introduces themselves. Jack was looking for treasure. After meeting up, they went to the cart and picked through the remains. Leaving some goods here, set out to travel to Crowthron with some of the treasure and a plan to do somethings in town.

The journey to the lost woods led them to the Lost Grove, a group of trees in the dense forest that is on top of the only hill, the surrounding lowlands are a dense misty forest. Travellers often find themselves looping back to the groove.

Goblins lost in the woods, can be seen arguing atop Lost Grove. The party attempted to sneak on by, hiding in an underbrush covered thicket. You are trying to hear them, and you hear a fight that breaks out amongst the goblins.

After a while, the light dimed down. Journey to Crowthorne was strenuous, and their belly rumbles remind Aldormo that they probably haven’t eaten anything in a while as they reached the nearest landmark.

“Mad Jack I got it,” and Aldormo takes off like a bloodhound into the wood.

At the gates of Crowthorn. The tavern was busy since raiders, beastmen, and mercenaries working for Liar’s Castle drove the fleeing farmers behind the walls lest they are captured. This, of course, further exacerbates the food shortage currently happening at Crowthorn. Full of field workers and recently freed slaves, the tavern is bursting at the seams.

Mad Jack with gold in hand went to the Crowthron Inn. The streets were the home for Aldormo for the weak or-so time that they stayed in the town.

Jack went to look for a cart, and he got a shrewd smith that had a free cart try and deal a hard bargain, pay now and then get a share of the treasure once the cart is returned. However, Jack wanted to pay upfront, so that’s what he agreed to.

After staying in town, Jack went looking for Aldormo. They were found face down in the gutter, with a sullen look in their eyes and happily got up. Never to speak about what they got up to again.

Leaving town the head of the baker’s guide asked the players to save their leader since he was captured by Beastmen while helping relatives pack from their home and flee to the walls. The group decided to ignore the baker’s plea and look into the lost baker at a later time.



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