This is it… Don’t get scared now!


Torchbearer – Cursed Lands
Year Two – Session 2

September 8, 2019

-Tone poem and last session summary, by Tyler


Last time the heroes made their way into the midst of a pig-men camp and stealthily took care of them. They made their camp essentially in the same spot, but in an abandoned apartment which had a door. While moving the bodies away they discovered a rats nest in a ruined guildhouse and managed to uncover a trapped chest with some goods in it. They were in the basement of the guildhouse.

Beliefs, Instinct and Goals

Belief: Glory above honor.
Goal: Map the area.
Instinct: Always assess threats.

Belief: The function of the people is to rise against suffering.
Goal: To find the bow.
Instinct: Always search for traps.

The opening scene.

In the basement


Unloading the goods in camp
Went back to camp and Roman emptied his large sack onto the ground. And …

Spotting a man ruing away.

Instinct (Does not trigger the grind)
Korbuzier rolls Scout (Will/2 + 1D from positive use of Wizard’s Sight): 1, 3, 4, 4. The person hiding rolling two dice: 1,1
Korbuzier used his wizard sight to look between the void and the material and saw a life-from behind a wall, listen and then ran after it to get a better look. He gave chase to spot him and saw that he was wearing dark robes and had a shield with a silver bird on it.

Korbuzier trying to think quickly attempt to make bird calls. Not knowing which one decided to forgo the type of bird call and just know all bird call. By being able to speak it. But his extravagant arm motions will running made it harder to cast.
Casting Magic (is not a turn of the grind)
Korbuzier casts Wisdom of the Sages to speak bird: Arcanist 4 – 1D for trait totaling three dice against an Ob of 3. The roll: 2, 4, 5. Failure, but gained a check.
Korbuizer tripped with the attempt to cast and mumbled his words. His voice was reduced to a whisper as he felt it leaving his body.

Went back to the rat and heard a bubble from the well.
Leaning over the stone work to check the well Roman, took a breath of rank air, Ob 1 health test. Rolling: 5, 2. Success!
With a stiffed wretch he notes the colour of the well is a off brown.

Got the goods and went back to camp, and set about to protect there newly acquired goods and to alter them to anybody trying to sneak into their camp and assassinate them, like they did to the pig-men.
Turn ? on the Grind (the Grind from last game)
Roman devised a home alone style trip wire on the stairs. Dungoeneer 3 against an Ob 1 to make an alarm on the stairs. He choose to use iron spike to get +1 D and a Devil May Care trait against himself to get -1D and a check. The roll: 2,2,1. Failure, but not yet as Roman uses Hesit-wise and states that any good trap maker, vault maker or the like, knows to have a backup in case the second one is avoided. So he spread glass on the steps so if a would-be interloper attempts to bypass the trip wire he would step onto the glass and a crunching would be heard above. Roam uses a person point to re-roll all traitors: 3, 2, 5. Success! He uses 2 iron spikes.

Setting camp:
A minor setback occurs with the camp roll. All of Roman’s rations are ruined by bugs. He shouldn’t have left them on the floor! The grind resets and holds to Adventure Phase.

Korbuzier’s Mapping roll: Cartographer Test using extravagant for himself, drawing intricately detailed map is 3 Dice against an Ob 2. The roll: 2, 6,  4. Success!

Roman attempts to push further and find water – I ask how far and he says as far as the trail the pig-men would’ve used, so I allow the test with increased risk. There are no really nearby sources of water, and so with great risk, there is a great reward. If he failed he would’ve become lost or even ambushed ending camp phase immediately. Beginner’s luck Test for Survivalist (Health/2) against Ob 1. The roll: 1, 6. Success!

Korbuizer decided that making a forged document that said they were a part of a nobleman’s secret police was the way to go. He titled the document Agents of the Whispering Confluence. Criminal 3 +1D from help from the thief Roman, +1D from a Persona point yields a five dice test against Ob 5. The roll: 4, 3, 6, 4, 5. Failure if not for the luck! Spending a Fate point to reroll the sixes: 5. Success!

Adventure Phase

Roman upon starting the Day a new decided to track the man with the shield’s trail.
Scout 3 +1D from Korbuzier’s hunter, +1D from Devil May Care. He has done this sort of thing before, and knows that to look for places that the individual takes breaks. Five dice against 2 dice.
Roman’s roll: 6, 2 6, 5, 3
The mysterious man’s roll: 1, 5
2 success for Roman, Success! He the man’s trail to Tent City, at the foot of the Black Cathedral. It looks to be bustling with mercenaries and former trades men of Crowthorn. The tradesmen openly wore the symbol of the Black Cathedral, a Red Cup.


Roman: Only worked towards his goal. He thought maybe the man would know where the bow lies, so one Fate.

Korbuzeir: Get’s one Fate for accessing the the threat of a potential interloper form his instinct. He also successfully made a map and so is awarded a Persona point.

Group Rewards

Group rewards are 1 persona a piece.

MVP: Korbuzeir for spotting the man through the wall on, and for getting an Ob 5 criminal test to make a potentially useful item.

Teamworker: Roman for all his help and idea to protect the camp with Traps.

RP: Korbuzier lost his voice and so proceeded to speak for a while in a whisper. That was amusing.

The naming of the session:

This is it… don’t get scared now.


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