Luke 15:31


Torchbearer – Cursed Lands
Year Two – Session 5

October 20, 2019

Korbuzier and Aelfwynn met up with Roman (who went to  Tent City to try and get connections).

The group’s goals coalesced into a strong aim to find the Bow of the Silver Seal.

Assembling at their camp the party decides to inspect the vault.
Roman peers at the doop looking for traps. It is locked and trapped from the other side. Meaning if they open it without the code the trap will spring. It looks like the proper code is needed to both unlock and to open it.
Aelfwynn leads a search of the basement, thinking that the previous owners left the code somewhere easy. A thorough search reveals wine, bottles, a large desk, and a carpet. And the code.
Aelfwynn opens the vault, and when Korbuzier lifts his lantern to illuminate the roo beyond the see a stack of silver plates, a deed to the town of Crowthorne, a shield, another carpet, and the bow of the Silver Seal.
After some deliberations and moving of goods, the party made their way back to camp with the treasure intact.

After camping and Korbuizer taking some time to calm down the group decides to inspect the only way they haven’t yet they explored, an earthen tunnel that leads to a secret passage beneath My Son Rock.

After digging out a small passage and squeezing through Roman notes that this boulder was once in the forest but is ruined. As well as the rain is stirring up smoke from the ever-burning forest.

One of my players has taken bible history and thus we named the session Luke15:31 in reference to the loot and the fact that we got back to the ‘Son’.


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