Rugged Winter


Torchbearer – Cursed Lands
Year Two – Session 6

December 15 2019

The party travels back to Tent City as snow begins to fall from the sky. Winter has come to the lands. Winter is harsh and only the extremely brave or extremely foolish venture forth from the safety of Town.

Ladened with loot, the party quickly spends it as they contemplate the previous fall adventure in the Ruins of Crowthorne.

Particularly, what they learned and who they are becoming. 

Roman has becoming a man of compassion, and is filled with warmth and Kindness. Korbuzier’s obsession with persistently searching out for his lost crew mates had paid off with a chance meeting with his former lover, and now adventuring rival, Gherri. Aelfwynn’s with the pressure of adventuring leader is becoming more stoic and no-nonsense.

Roman has learned much and is now wise in the location of the Crowthorne hinterlands.
Korbuzier’s ever vigilant gaze and his attempts at warding off traps has made him wise to the working of traps.
Aelfwynn’s plague carrying in combination of his study of the creatures when he was driving them off has made an expert and very wise to rats.

Roman and Korbuzier managed to pay their bills and start fresh in the next phase of the adventure.


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