My introduction to tabletop gaming happened when I went out to my uncles for the summer. I, a child of 8, was responsible for the SNES and when I got there; I put my backpack on the ground a little too hard. When I tried plugging in the console to the television, nothing happened it was dead.


After I fell into a pit of despair and sulking, that only a child of 8 can manage, my older cousin resolved himself to occupy my brother and I, by introducing us to the world of Dungeons & Dragons.


The excitement of picking up the clear polyhedra, holding them in my hand, while my cousin rattled off the different uses for the dice.

I made an elf character strong in the arm and rolled well on my starting gold. We never had time to play, but we were excited.

I don’t remember the words he said when describing what the game was about. I do remember the feelings evoked, of awesome adventure. That feeling never left, for the rest of my life. I yearned to go on epic quests.


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