A Flower in the Forest

Cursed Lands Session 7

November 18, 2018

Tiberius and Rasotto set out from camp to push into the Old Forest to find the lake. Tiberius was skeptical that finding the way was hard and so decided on leading the group directly in a straight line towards where he thought  Melleck’s old camp was. They made it maybe halfway there, and Rasotto saved Tiberius from walking into a barely visible spider web; since Rasotto was on the alert for danger.

Tiberius knowing it was more complicated than it seemed decided to work out the rest of the way using his wizard’s sight. Eyes glazing over and letting his inner sight guide him, they walked in a winding path and made their way to a house standing on a large stump carved to be an eagle talon. Tiberius’s sight had caused them to go astray, directly towards a magical aura.

Tiberius recalled an old tale about a shape-changing woman that lived in such a house and that the key to surviving an encounter was to have impeccable manners. They decided to drop in and ask for directions. The asked if anyone was home and if they were allowed in. They humbly asked for directions to which the old women said she would deliver but first invited to stay for dinner. The old woman prepared soup.

While this was going on, Tiberius stared at a magical tapestry that depicted the forest and the house of the women. Tiberius learned a few things about the ancient history of the forest and an ancient curse tied to a cathedral, a castle, and the First Tree. After learning that one of her many names is Marigold, she asked them if they can hunt for a rabbit in the woods. Rasotto eventually caught a rabbit but not before he became desperately hungry. Drunk on knowledge and knowing full well it is rude to ask a lady her age, Tiberius decided to preface the rude question with “I know it’s rude to ask a woman her age but….” and he was unable to persuade her that he was a tad bit insensitive. She kindly decided that she would not eat them but to eat soup in silence and to not answer any more questions. She made them leave. Rasotto scolded Tiberius for being rude as they stepped off the eagle’s talon.


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